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September 28, 2015 6:03 PM   Subscribe is a somewhat rustic website dedicated to a playable reproduction of the world's oldest string instrument. You can hear it accompanying a set of silver pipes and a short recitation from the Epic of Gilgamesh. Don't miss the fan poetry on the informative history page.

Archaeomusicology previously.
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Wurartu-gesundheit! The lyre is breathtaking. The player and reciter are doing a great revival of those lost arts. The piece of the Gilgamesh epic she chose is interesting. What if Gilgamesh is history, not fiction?

I love that they reprised the instrument, and despair for the loss of historical artifacts due to current conflict, in the Middle (Conflict) East. It would all still be there if it weren't the place it is.
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I was hoping for a recitation in... Babylonian? On second thought is that even possible, do we have a good idea of what the Epic sounded like in the original language?
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There was some interesting, if brief, coverage of the lyre of Ur project on the guardian recently, with more videos.

The singer makes shifting from a classical background to Babylonian music sound quite straightforward.

Owning (though not reading) a copy of [Teaching Yourself Singing in Babylonian], and having skimmed a Wikipedia article on Akkadian Phonology, were my qualifications when I met Andy and producer Mark Harmer for a Mesopotamian jam session.

Simple as!
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If it's too loud, you're too old
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Dudes! Party at Nebuchadnezzar's!
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Huh. The lyre doesn't sound anything at all like I imagined.
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