The Architecture of Waste
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Architecture in theory: designing and building better living spaces for all.

Architecture in practice: designing and building pretty places for rich people to hang out in.

So it is really surprising that there isn't much of an architecture of waste?
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Flagged for later reading, thanks!
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Recent experiments in hybrid architecture—from ski slopes on top of waste incinerators in Copenhagen

Oh, that's what the thing in the center of the second image in the first link must be. I was wondering why the hell a building would be shaped like that.
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We have a large, supposedly-alienating waste-to-energy here in the Spokane area. I think my weekly garbage pickup goes there. I also think my city electric utility buys power from there. I've taken station wagon loads of stuff there, and the sorting / dropoff area is surreal.

I admire the idea of such a plant being so clean that you can build ski slopes on it. I don't know how clean this plant is, and it would be awesome if it met that standard.

But you know, really, I don't give a fuck that it's not an architectural marvel. It's serving a purpose, and it's in the midst of other alienating industrial buildings, so it's not like it's this giant sore thumb sticking out or anything.

Give me the totally clean plant. What it looks like is less important to me.
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I was wondering why the hell a building would be shaped like that.

For reasons.
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