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Discograph generates an interactive visualization of relationships between nearly 5 million artists, bands and labels, based on data from the database.
Examples: The Beatles | The Fall | Neil Young
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Wow the performance on this is awful. Like early flash/shockwave stuff on a slow system or something.

I mean it's really cool, but it's running at like 2fps here.
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Man, I spent hours pouring over Peter Frame's Rock Family Trees as a teen - I can see getting similarly lost here.
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Doesn't have Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash? Does have David Allen Coe, but he's all alone with no connections.
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THIS IS CLEARLY WRONG in postulating The Fall as a separate entity from Mark E Smith!
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My band is an island!
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Seen a million things like this, never really saw the point.
Looked through the discogs website, joined, etc., 2 things:

1) It seems to be aimed at people who collect music on physical formats, which, OK, fetishes gonna fetish and

2) It has a genre called "Folk, World, & Country", so basically Peter, Paul and Mary, Afro Celt Sound System and Dixie Chicks?
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If we're going to Pete Frame, here's (derail) a personal favorite, I'm obliged to say.
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Continuing the derail, here's the Rock Family Trees page. To be fair, whatever gets people interested in connections between musicians, however tenuous, warms the cockles of my [Mad Libs, anyone?].
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It seems to me the *massive* difference here is the size of the reference data, and discogs is deep.
Kleenex/LiLiPUT : Not found on the above linked sites, Is found in discogs data via this interface.

I find it intriguing that I can connect Kimya Dawson and Mr. Bungle in 6 hops. Yet it does give suggestions of things that I might be interested in en route.

And the search is a bit flakey, but it does have:
Willie Nelson:
Johnny Cash:
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Well, I learned something from that. Apparently there is a good chance I saw Bruce Hornsby play as a member of the Greatful Dead:
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Very cool! I've been playing around with the discogs data and d3 graph display recently (for separate projects) so it's great to see them combined.
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Google Play Music used to have a similar (but much more limited) feature in the Android app. It was pretty neat getting a visual representation of the links between various artists/songs, especially given the samples of the actual music.

Like so many of the interesting things Google does, it was silently dropped in some update to the app.
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I mean it's really cool, but it's running at like 2fps here.

It runs quite zippily on Safari on a MacBook Pro. It doesn't respond to events on Firefox, though.
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It's a sign of progress that this is now doable in JavaScript; I remember when one needed to use Java for it (anyone remember the TouchGraph LiveJournal Browser, which was typically five clicks from crashing a UNIX/X workstation), and then various Flash implementations (which were typically oversugared with bouncy animations and lickable gloss, and ran like dogs).
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This is great!

I am enjoying putting in random numbers. Well, when I say random I mean sequential. Artist number 3 is Josh Wink who has plenty of links, artist 6 is K.A.B. who doesn't have any : (
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The site is down for me, but it would be very remiss of me not to point people unaware of its existence towards Every Noise at Once.
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There are way more interesting Kirsty MacColl connections than they return.
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