38 Saint Bernards breathing
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Lasqueti Island in British Colombia is home to about 350 year-round human residents and a whole bunch of Saint Bernards.

Featured in episode 9 of Can I Pet Your Dog? (a relatively new Maximum Fun podcast with hosts Allegra Ringo and Renee Colvert as well as producer Travis McElroy), Tikki Smith's Lasquite Saint Bernards are pretty much the best thing on a Saturday. (Or any day!)

Want to know more about the secret island of Saints?

There's a video of Tikki Smith's daughter Ruthie walking with 36 Saints. (This is a moment where she gets scared, but she's laughing at the end.)

There are puppies! And more puppies!

There is always lots of breathing.

And there are more videos. [Previously]
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(This is my first post, but I missed First Post September by a, um, paw.)

There's supposedly a Facebook group for the Lasquite Saint Bernards, but I don't have a Facebook account to check if it works. If you do, here you go!
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The cookie stand operates on an honour system and is always worth checking out.
This is my kind of place. I must figure out a way to move there immediately.
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Veritable oceans of drool, I'm imagining.

Great first post!!
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Any month is First Post month when you've got that many puppies. Good post. That's right, you're a good post. Who's a good post? You! You're a good post! Yes you are. Yes you are. Good post. Good post.
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Lasqueti! Home of special boat builder Allen Farrell.
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British Columbia, with a u. (British Colombia didn't quite work out.)
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Oops! Apologies for that. I got a little excited.
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Super first post, thank you!
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I have loved that breathing video since I first saw it, relaxed and full of special brownies. In my mind, the st. bernards went on forever, and that was a magical thing.
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Life as a Tom Robbins novel
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I first heard about this island after spending a weekend at my friends cottage just and island or two over.
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I want to go to there.
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Come to Lasqueti, famous for our pant-o plays.
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Not the Berns! Not the Berns!
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Feels the berns
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I've been to Lasqueti. I didn't notice any Saint Bernards. I guess this means I need to go back sometime.
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Good doggie
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(British Colombia didn't quite work out)

Or alternatively it kinda did, because the failure of the Scottish Darien scheme was a major reason for the union of Scotland & England, which is the root of modern British identity
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I saw lots of feral sheep when I visited Lasqueti Island. No feral St. Bernards though. It's an interesting place, one of the poorest communities in BC (according to official statistics), but also one of the highest proportions of population with Ph.Ds.
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That's rather cute but I'm now curious about whether they've been there long enough to evolve a drool-tolerate species of moss.
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Adorable doggies! I am slain by the cute!
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They bring in tons of food by barge

I don't think that's an exaggeration. They must need container loads of dog food for the St. Bernards! Is there a video of their mealtime?
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Here's a great little profile of the breeder, Tiki. Her mother was a back-to-the-lander in the 70s and raised her in an unheated cabin in those woods. Something tells me with all those St Bernards around, Tiki never has to worry about being cold ever again.

Those mountain dogs are generally a great fit for the Pacific Northwest climate, where it never gets very hot, but it is chilly (if not outright cold) much of the year. There are a ton of Bernese Mountain Dogs in Seattle.
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The paws on those puppies are just so giant! I just want to kiss them (the paws and the puppies).
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I want to be there.
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There was a Pugfest held at Meany Middle School's auditorium a decade or so past, which featured a moment of silence to listen to a chorus of a couple of hundred pugs wheeze.
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I almost flashed back to Cyriak's Cows Cows Cows animation
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documentary on this place by a local news crew. Tiki is featured along with others.

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