Just call 1-800-SMOOTHE for Magic 102
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A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness is a limited-run, six-episode, serialized podcast (primarily conceived by David Wilcox and co-written with Johanna Hyman, but with a number of producers actors, and co-writers) chronicling the decline and fall of radio veteran Greg Willis, host of the eleventh most-listened-to, syndicated, smooth jazz/classic light R&B program on radio today. Take a trip to an alternate universe radio station with bizarre ad spots, musical numbers, call-ins, and an overarching narrative of a DJ gone power mad. Remember: when sneaking onto Sadeโ€™s estate, beware the Sax Wolves.
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I'm enjoying this so far. Blue Jam is a clear influence, but it also feels very Night Vale-ish...
posted by running order squabble fest at 2:52 PM on October 5, 2015

Yeah, I'm on Ep2 and Thumbs Up so far!
posted by robocop is bleeding at 6:37 PM on October 5, 2015

Just a quick update with a newly-learned fact: the producer of the series, John Schmersal, was a key member of the short-lived-but-loved indie band Brainiac) and the front man for the also-hipster-loved Enon. (A 2014 interview with The Quietus)
posted by Going To Maine at 8:40 PM on October 12, 2015

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