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Hannibal Buress has never had a "real" job. Follow him as he experiences work on a goat farm and as a short order cook.
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*squints and leans back*

man, I wish CC greenlist this instead of his show.
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I could see the argument that this might be too close in concept to "Dirty Jobs", but, that being said, I laughed out loud several times and would have watched this regularly if future episodes were as good as this one. (Watching him unsuccessfully try to hit on the two customers at the restaurant really cracked me up for some reason)
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FINALLY some piece of media depicts the kind of accent I grew up hearing, and why when I meet people not from Louisiana, they always say "But you don't have an accent!"

Hey, everyone I've ever met! Watch the goat farm part of this funny video with a comedian I like! Do you understand now?
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I would watch that every day.
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Ah, that was enjoyable
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Yeah this is way more awesome than the first few episodes of his show. I checked out after that- does the show get better?
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The later episodes are better, but still not really good. Though there's usually at least one segment that's absolutely hilarious in each. I think in the entire series, you could get a couple really solid shows.
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This made me feel really embarrassed and uncomfortable and I do not like it one bit.
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As someone who loves someone who lives the Goat Life, that was like a reenactment of my first time working on the farm (minus the banding, although disbudding or tattooing isn't necessarily easier to watch).
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I thought his job was Cosby Prophet.
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I love Hannibal Buress so much, but I'm not sure if any sort of TV show can really contain him. He's awesome on Broad City, but that seems to be because he's no a lead player on that show. It's not that I don't think he can be -- he has an amazing mellow charm but I just don't know if anyone really knows what to do with that. This was kind of close but also didn't really let him shine in the way he does in his standup.

I do like his whole cow/dog thing about the goats, though.
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What concerns me with his show tanking so badly was that he might be seen as one of those "really funny guys that is great for supporting roles but bad fit for a lead" for a while. We need more of that squinty fuck.
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4ster: I thought his job was Cosby Prophet.

For those of you who don't recognize how goddamn great this comment is.
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