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The Principles of Argumentation - Pan African Studies Department - California State University, Northridge
Using Rhetorical Strategies for Persuasian - Purdue
Four Argument Strategies - Ethical Realism
38 Ways To Win An Argument—Arthur Schopenhauer - India Uncut
How to win Arguments – Dos, Don’ts and Sneaky Tactics - Lifehack
How to Win Every Argument - Eric Barker, Time (with TED talk by Daniel Cohen)

Also from Lifehack: How to End Any Argument Immediately

From the first link:
"All too often do we fall in love with our point of view to the extent that we forget our own humanity — that is, all humans will err. No one can make a claim to absolute truth on an issue. One must always contend with the shadow of a doubt. So long as this is true, then you must be conscious of the fact that your opponent may have very valid objections to your proposition. You should try to anticipate, to think of the possible objections that can be made against your argument. Not only that, but those good practicioners [sic] of the art will incorporate those objections into their argument and answer them along the way. This is very impressive. Not only have you, so to speak, stolen some of your opponent's thunder, but you have also made a very positive impression on your audience/your reader. For that audience is now saying to itself, 'Wow, this person has really done his/her homework!'"
Argument Clinic - Monty Python's The Flying Circus (YouTube)
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My #1 tip - end you sentence with "QED."

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How to Win Every Argument?

"The thing about a gun is, it's like being on the right side of a Socratic dialogue."
--The Thought Gang, Tibor Fischer

Also effective: bribery with pie. Few people will dispute your arguments when you back them up with strawberry-rhubarb pie.
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One side wins and the other side loses and actual truth scarely needs to make a cameo.
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A framework for reasonable argumentation: pragma-dialectics.

Rebecca Jones, "Finding the Good Argument OR Why Bother With Logic?" Writing Spaces [not just about logic].
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Logical Rudeness.
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One should hope to sway a neutral third-party when arguing. Only in bad circumstances does one need to convince their opponent of anything.
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An illustrated book of bad arguments.
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Let us not forget the alt.atheism Constructing a Logical Arugment FAQ.
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I never thought I'd find myself writing this, but: That Time piece is really good.
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I quite like the Principle of Charity.
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Oh. Wait. Is this not abuse?
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The comma between "MALODOROUS" and "PERVERT!!!" reveals the paucity of your reasoning abilities. See also: Internet Forum Debate
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I wonder if these guys have all the books listed above.
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I still remember my ex's complaint:
"It's not fair, you only argue when you know you're right!"

(So many hours of my life that I want back, but hey, it really did help my debating skills, because golly, just being right isn't enough in and of itself to get someone to quit arguing with you!).
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