Network Effect
October 6, 2015 11:07 PM   Subscribe appears to be an internet art installation, with themes of connectedness and impermanence.
Caveat: Chrome only, and requires sound. Even so, worth it.
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For what it's worth, it works fine in Firefox so long as you lie and tell the site you're using Chrome. Le sigh.
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7,295,106 people MARCHING now.
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I got tired of it telling me what a profound emotional effect it was having on me and how devastated I'd be when I was cut off from it.
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I lasted about two minutes out of my allotted seven and a half. One wonders what estimate for average dwell time they'd get from a few thousand Mechanical Turk guesses.
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First I thought it was a Google project marketing Chrome, now I'm not sure. On the one hand, it will block entry from old versions of Chrome: "Network Effect is designed for a high-performance browser.". On the other hand, that's not not marketing Chrome either, since it's not complaining that the user has the wrong brand of browser. It also blocks all mobile devices, saying their screens aren't large enough. I give up.

But it would have been nice for the creators at least to access the "About" tab without having to run different applications.
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I find this to be less about dataness and more what others are up to. Something of a pico-Koyaanisqatsi for the 2010s. Pretty essential for the experience that it is actually live.
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It only took me 10 seconds not to get it.... I guess internet art is quicker.
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My god that was annoying. For a moment I forgot how to close a full screen browser and felt a panic attack coming on with the thought that I would have to watch/listen for another 6 minutes.
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Hm interesting. It's using html canvas for everything, including the text. It's like they really really wanted to use Flash but felt bad about it.

And it throws up two placeholder pages in IE, the black "Use Chrome" message when devtools are off, and a plain black and white message about missing WebGL when the devtools are active.
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And now that I've seen it... It's nice. Very slickly produced but isn't doing much besides being a showcase of a good design sense and access to some pretty high volume content service APIs. Maybe it would have left a better impression if I had the sound on, but I'm at work so, no.

I'd love to know who's behind his because it's a lot of effort and expense for somebody's hobby or class project.
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Re-watched to investigate the credits... It's a product of There There and Gregor Hochmuth. And most of the gruntwork was done through Amazon Mechanical Turk and are mostly streaming stuff they'd copied off YouTube, Twitter, etc., edited and archived.

They provide the costs for some of the efforts but not others. Pretty cheap by marketing standards but costly for a vanity project. But i was expecting an ulterior motive and not finding one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Jonathan Harris and Gregor Hochmuth are the people who made this.

Johnathan in particular has done a few really interesting pieces of 'internet art' (for lack of a better term), see some here.
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People who can't be bothered to code their webpage so that it works in the most-used web browsers...
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People who can't be bothered to code their webpage so that it works in the most-used web browsers...

...are, perhaps, being paid to create a browser-specific demonstration webpage?
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I jump because I got jumped.
TF, I mean.
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Sure, but it's 2015 so I don't switch browsers when I run up against a broken webpage. I just close the tab and move on.
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When I watched:

66% female for GRIEVE.

75% male for SHOOT.
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i.... art is dead.
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