The diary of Iseema bin Laden,
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The diary of Iseema bin Laden, the secret account of Osama's half brother. This link via muslimpundit, which along with the occasional hilarity, includes excellent critiques of Islamism, including one about the fundamentalist disdain for democracy.
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Excellent parody, this had me in stitches..."The Taliban guards are not great thinkers. I have two of them believing that waterfalls never empty rivers because when everyone is asleep, the water travels back uphill when no one can see it. This might not be such a bad time, after all. .... [Mullah Omar has] hated me since I got here. I'd never seen the man before, how could I know who he was? It was sheer habit to ask the first man I saw to take my bags to my room." The motivations attached to these characters is witty and insightful. Nice one!
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Muslimpundit is a great link too - learnt a lot there.
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