that this dowager ball park should be destroyed by a ball
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It came up rain, a gray somber rain that put a frown on the careworn face of Pittsburgh. My window was streaked with erratic wet lines that made me think of a small child crying. Rain meant disappointment to thousands of fans—and a doubleheader to broadcast—and it meant that on that wet afternoon, I was face to face with the biggest enemy on the road… time
In September 1965, legendary broadcaster Vin Scully wrote guest column for the times.
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Just to be clear, Vin Scully was a veteran broadcaster of 15 years back in 1965. He has been broadcasting for the Dodgers since 1950 and is still going.
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My hero.
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Beautiful writing. Unfortunately, Scully will miss the postseason this year.

Let's go Mets (sorry)
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In May of 1973 the Dodgers were playing the Mets at home. I was driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles and started listening to the game on the AM car radio at about the California border. By the time we were passing Dodger Stadium, the game had already been tied for several hours and went on to become the longest home game (innings) in Dodger history.

I remember to this day the man of great words saying along about the sixteenth inning, "You know what I'd like right now? Just to shut up!"
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