TPP Treaty: Intellectual Property Rights Chapter
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Wikileaks has released a text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership chapter on intellectual property rights. The Wikileaks link. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a commentary: The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared. Story in the Guardian: Wikileaks release of TPP deal text stokes 'freedom of expression' fears.
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Copyright: 7 years, first hit is free, $2 for the next 7. This fee doubles every time it renews.

If you want to pay a billion dollars to renew the copyright for 210 years more power to you.
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Seriously though, a lot of people have this perception and want to think that intellectual property is a single exclusive venture but that couldn't be more wrong. The entire of society has had a hand in every work. The people who taught you, gave you the skills to capitalize on your imagination and vision, the other creators that willingly inspired you, the fact that you can create and not have your work stolen, protected by the force of the state.

We give you the limited monopoly because you took all of what society gave you and made something unique and, admittedly, that's the most important part, but we all have some equity in your creation and that's why eventually you give it back to society. Somewhere along the way, probably helped by metric truckloads of campaign contributions, we lost that notion and it needs to be brought back.
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