“OK, I have to admit this this is a strange collection.”
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Every week, the Naperville K-Mart received a new tape of canned music to play. And every week, Mark Davis saved the old one from the trash. Now, thanks to Archive.org, here's Attention K-Mart Shoppers — for all your late-80s/early-90s elevator music needs! [via]
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Blue light special -- cortex

There's a Blue Light Special in Aisle 153721!
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Coming to a vaporwave single near you!
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"Attention K-mart shoppers, would the owner of the DeLoren please report to Temporal causality."
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[grabs Milky Way bar]
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K-Mart Shopper (in before deletion)
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*shoots at clavdivs in parking lot*
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