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Camus' Web. by Jacob Eugene Horn [McSweeney's Internet Tendency]
Wilbur the pig was unhappy. In the two short months that he had been alive, Wilbur was certain he experienced the peaks and valleys of happiness and despair. When he was but a runt, he was free to prance about, but now that he was under the care of Farmer Zuckerman he was confined to a simple pig pen.
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Came for the "aujourd'hui, maman est morte" joke, leaving satisfied.
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“Man, this Camus guy is kind of a dick.”

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Man, if you're going to parody a French author dude, at least get the French right. It's "C'est la vie" not "Ce'est le vie." And the English too. He "shuffled" in his jacket for another cigarette? You mean "fumbled," M. Horn?

Also, Sisyphus wasn't a god.

Take note, mon ami: To do a chuckleable parody you have to get the non-parody parts precisely right. Otherwise you're just kind of a dick.
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The "c'est la vie" typo is obvious but I think "shuffled" is a nicely evocative word for searching around in one's pocket.
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