Promoting a new season? Get Your Analog Socia Media On
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A new season of Going Deep With David Rees begins next month. To help promote the show, Rees will eschew social media, taking his campaign on the road.
"I was reminiscing about the good old days when I played in bands, back when 'promoting something on social media' meant 'walking around town and stapling flyers to telephone poles' -- and that's when I realized I still have my old staple gun."
The first season aired on the National Geographic Channel, covering everything from tying your shoes to making a paper airplane.

The new season airs on Esquire Network starting November 11th. Episode topics include: how to pet a dog, how to make toast, how to take a nap, how to do the dishes, and how to sign your name. Celebrity guest experts include John Hodgman, Paul F. Tompkins, Aimee Mann, and Chris Hadfield.

Track the road trip
Download and print your own flyer

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I recommended this show to a coworker with bright young kids and they are now obsessed. The younger one finally was able to master tying his shoes after the How to Tie a Shoe episode. It's pretty brilliant.
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Excellent, thanks! I'd given up hope for another season.

It's not that I didn't know the difference between a square knot and a granny knot, but never thought about it in terms of shoes. My shoes stay tied now.

Is there a tour schedule somewhere? I can't seem to find it.
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Here's the tour schedule I found:
October 28: MYSTERY DAY
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Thanks, fifteen schnitzengruben is my limit! I'll assume that MYSTERY DAY is not going to be in Michigan.
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So I just called the number on his flyer, and had a nice little conversation with David Rees. That was weird.
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I heard about how David Rees was eshewing social media on Twitter, Facebook, and MetaFilter.
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Wait, the number goes straight to David Rees? I assumed it'd be a pre-recorded message or Dial-a-Song type thing! More details needed, Rock Steady!
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Yeah, he answered. He said it's a burner phone and not his real number though. I was expecting a dial-a-song type situation as well, so I was pretty flustered when he answered. I basically told him how much I liked the show and was really looking forward to the new season, and said bye.
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David Rees has apparently not set up his voicemail box yet. I suppose it's sort of late on the East Coast?
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Here's an interview he did with Chris Higgins for Mental Floss last year. We learn many things, such as his enthusiasm for airports during the holiday, where he got his shirt and apron, and how angry the pencil sharpening project made people.
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This is legitimately one of the best tv shows out there, in my opinion. I feel very sad for people who can't watch it or don't like it for some reason.
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