"I'm taking comfort in the ghosts of my past lives"
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Exoho - Past Lives

"Exohxo are a chamber-pop band you should know about; they're experts at combining orchestral strings, forceful guitars, and poppy melodies into something at once catchy and erudite." - Paul Constant, The Stranger

Exohxo - Trains That Look Like Towns

"Exohxo: a funny name but a great sound. Exohxo is a domesticated five-piece chamber rock band from Seattle that spent their their twenties in lets-take-over-the-world touring bands. Now scattered across their thirties with families, jobs, and mortgages, these seemingly well-adjusted and entirely approachable adults appear unwilling to finish growing up if that means surrendering the music and the camaraderie that has always been integral to their happiness."

"Crushed Ice" by Exohxo

They broke up.
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Their album The Ghost is Clear is available on Spotify.
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I read that Stranger article. One thing I noticed; a lot of the bands had hard-to-pronounce names.

A band name that's easy for a radio DJ to read on the air, and easy for listeners to search for, might have tipped the scales ever so slightly in a given band's favor.
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