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An 8-bit Malcolm in the Middle game, in 2015, for some reason, by Alec Robbins
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This seems like as good an occasion as any to drop this clip from Season 1 for which Bryan Cranston spent hundreds of hours learning to rollerskate (I believe he had a double for some of the jumps though).

Also, the story of my life: If you've ever wondered what Programming is like, This about sums it up.
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This gets really weird after around 140000 points. Does anyone else remember the show having that much blood?
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354,000! Please kill me now!
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Love the song-lyrics-as-menu-options when you die!
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This game is so dull, the only reason anyone would discover the twist is because they're expecting a twist precisely because it's so dull. Which makes it not really a twist, at all. It just makes it more dull. And for that matter, the "everything turns into a Lovecraftian nightmare world" twist has gotten pretty dull too, ever since Eversion (I believe) popularized it in 2008.

The only interpretation I can think of under which this game becomes not dull is if it's a psychological experiment to see how long you can get a player to keep playing a game where the sole motivating factor is the possibility of seeing something change after playing long enough, even after the game itself tells you to stop.
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This is indeed an experiment in precisely how dull J.K. Seazer can find a game! Glad to see it succeeded.
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i'm waiting for the MITM/Breaking Bad crossover game.
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My attention span is far too low for this.
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My reflexes are so bad that I'm never going to find out if you all are lying about the twist or not.
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I got it to go blood red, the music to bug out, and the boys started saying disturbing things. I'm not sure if anything else happens, because I don't feel like ever playing it again, and nobody has uploaded a clip to YouTube.
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Does anything happens after they start saying "STOP?" It seems to dead end there.
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I was expecting an actual 8bit game. I don't know why I expected this.
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Yeah I went until around 350,000 as well, and after about 250,000 they just say stop over and over again. I didn't want to keep playing to find out if anything else changes. At least they thanked me for stopping.
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Oh Dewey, you ARE cute!
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So, is the point of this that Malcolm In The Middle is lame, so ha ha let's put some Lovecraft into it?

Because from the early seasons at least (I didn't get to watch beyond that), and as zachlipton's gif demonstrates, Malcolm In The Middle was not lame.
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