Nostalgic beats from Ayman Rostom, aka Dr. Zygote and The Maghreban
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Ayman Rostom had a penchant for nostalgic productions in his music, which isn't surprising given how he studied his brother's tapes of Yo! MTV Raps back in the day, which lead to his career as Dr. Zygote and his own Boot Records label (Bandcamp). More recently, he's taken the handle The Maghreban and embraced stripped-down house-type beats that he releases on his Zoot Records label, though in his new video for Now Easy, the focus is on his love of oldschool drum'n'bass.

Bonus links: live Boiler Room set | Amok Time and The Empath, a pair of tracks made from Star Trek episodes of those same names.
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For clarification, those links below the break are from The Maghreban. And if you're looking for one retro electro track to listen to from this bunch, check out Amok Time and stick it out for a minute, when the rumbling bass comes in.
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This post is perfect for me right now.

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Love that new track. It's got the dark, shady, crunchy texture of old dnb, but with a playful bouncy undertone.
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One final note (for now): I was hoping someone would have a list of those records he's piling up in his new video. I saw a lot of records from Metalheadz and Rephlex, but I'm not that good of a trainspotter.
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