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There was no question of where to bring Mubarak. Mother of Mercy is the only fully functional hospital in Nuba, which is about 3,000 square miles. The hospital is overseen by a onetime college nose guard from upstate New York named Tom Catena. Just as there are rules in Nuba for what to do in an Antonov raid, there is a rule for what to do with the victims of the bombing if they are still alive: get them to Doctor Tom as fast as you can.
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Christ that was a tough read. I can't believe the reporter got in to Sudan at all, it's notoriously hard for westerners. This is the man south Africa refused to detain for the icc. Pathetic.
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Fyi those second links are in reference to south Sudan's peace deal ;the bombing of nuba will continue unabated by this, indeed its a possibility it may push Bashir to greater depths as a united south Sudan is not really in his interests.
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A jihad against these people, the Sudanese aren't coy at all. South Sudan is like the oldest and most capable child escaping the abusive household, and now all abuser's focus and energy is directed to the younger/weaker siblings. Sucks.
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I found the part where the doctor admits that he suffers Founder's Syndrome. I kept thinking, he needs help, he needs literally items to work that do not need electricity. It is the technocrat in me that is thinking how can we help in getting a working autoclave that runs on solar batteries, or even a solar oven. I include providing the capability of cleaning towels in this, too. Jesus, hand sanitizer is a luxury and the description of some damn complex surgery in less than stellar conditions. One of the most arresting photos of medical care in conditions was of a Vietnamese surgical team standing in water with the operating table in what looked like a swamp, knee deep in water, waiting for the patient being brought in by stretcher.

What to do?
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