Metal on inappropriate instruments
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YouTube metal guitarist Rob Scallon covers Slayer's "Raining Blood", "War Ensemble", and "Angel of Death", and Metallica's "Battery", on banjo.
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Yeah, this guy is amazing.

It is so weird that the bridge-to-the-verse riff (|-5-3-2-0-6-4-3-0-5-3-2-0-6-4-3-0-|…) in Raining Blood sounds so at-home on the banjo! I guess that instrument is just good at articulating fast stuff, hence Dueling Banjos.

I still think that's by far the hardest riff in the song. I was able to play all the other riffs at-tempo 18 years ago, within a couple years of first learning them. I still have to fake it through that riff, though. Every time I pick up the guitar (which is like once a week for 20 minutes), I work on cleaning it up. That and the War Ensemble intro riff. I'm on track to get it right by, like, 2030.
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Surprising that they recorded new vocals for Battery but kept the original drum track. I was hoping for some sick double washboard.
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Impressive. But playing banjo with a pick? Like some kind of animal?
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Metal on inappropriate instruments

If you've been considering joining MetaFilter and require a unique user name, well....
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That ukelele looks like a banjo.
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That ukelele looks like a banjo.

It is in fact a banjo, and I had a brain fart after watching a different video. I'll alert the mods.
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War Ensemble's on ukelele, though. Because it's the twee-est of the songs, no doubt.
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[Using mod magic I have transformed a ukulele into a banjo.]
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Hayseed Dixie did bluegrass metal covers awhile back but not thrash or speed stuff. I'm pretty sure Bad Livers bluegrassed up 'Ace of Spades.'
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Metal on inappropriate instruments

Ty Cobb!

OK, technically, it's a mandolin (I think?), but-- two Soundgarden references in one day and it isn't even noon yet!
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Oh, and my favorite War Ensemble cover is by Bigwig-- starts off straight but then has a great breakdown in the middle. This was for the Punk Goes Metal comp from way back.
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Metal Songs Without Distortion
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The vibe I get from the banjo "Battery" before the backing track kicks in, is... soundtrack to an alternate universe Age of Empires, made in collaboration with John Carmack and John Romero.
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I went down an Iron Horse Bluegrass rabbit hole the other night (their cover of Fade to Black here).

But they create bluegrass arrangements out of metal tunes - the thrash/speed stuff (played as it lies, so to speak) in the FPP is pretty impressive.
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Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater covers various metal songs on a Hello Kitty drum kit.
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Well here's one on accordion and shamisen "highway to hell"
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I love the banjo's but do wish they'd used something other than drums to fill the sound out.

I want to back up mandolin conspiracy that it's well worth the time to go down the Fade to Bluegrass hole. Most of it can be found on the tube.

From the Smooth Criminal link yesterday I ended up at Tool - Lateralus - Koto Ensemble Version, which seems appropriate for here.

Also from yesterday I ended up (somehow) on The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra - Radioactivitat which while not metal is definitely high on the inappropriate "instruments" list...
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I'm not a fan of metal-style vocals but I enjoyed the banjo parts. (I also love all the heavy strings no-vocals covers of metal I've ever heard.)
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The Yonder Mountain String Band have been playing "Crazy Train" -- attributed to "that other Osbourne Brother" -- for years.

Crazy Train at Bonnaroo (2009)
Riff played by founding mandolinist Jeff Austin.

Crazy Train at Northwest String Summit (2014)
With new members Allie Kral and Jake Jolliff. Riff played by guest fiddler Darol Anger, et al.

Back in the 1980s, the golden age of Hip String Quartets, Anger co-founded the Turtle Island String Quartet, a much looser version of the Kronos Quartet.

Here's TISQ on Crossroads
Here's Kronos on Purple Haze
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Then there's Run C&W, Bernie Leadon's banjo-driven covers of soul tunes:
Papa was a Rolling Stone
My Girl
Hold On I'm Coming
Sweet Soul Music
Bring it On Home To Me
Walking The Dog
Medley: What'd I Say / Superstition / Stop In The Name of Love

Bernie Leadon's greatest contribution to global culture: Journey of The Sorcerer
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For a long time, I wanted to learn banjo so I could form a band that combined bluegrass with black metal. Then I discovered Panopticon (bandcamp) already did it, and then topped it off by adding union protest songs. Turns out there are several Appalachian bands that integrate traditional music with black metal. Nechochwen (bandcamp) brings in Native American heritage; Falls of Rauros (bandcamp) are also very much worth a listen.

If you just want black metal with a kick-ass banjo solo, Norway’s Taake can provide that, though they fall far enough on the Völkisch side of the folk spectrum that I can’t really endorse them.
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Alex Skolnick, of the first wave thrash band Testament, has a jazz trio that did a very enjoyable record of rock and metal standards.
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(I urge everyone who likes this thread to listen to the Panopticon link posted above by nicepersonality. Panopticon is a seriously good band.)
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Rob knocks down Cowboys from hell on a number of envy-causing ukes.
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Well here's one on accordion and shamisen "highway to hell"

Try this version of "Smoke On The Water", but Kevin Kmetz is great.

This is not metal, but hey.
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Don't forget Converge piano covers.

Crazy: Fault & Fracture

And the beautiful, Jane Doe.
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And because Steve'n'Seagulls haven't been mentioned yet,
Nothing Else Matters
The Trooper
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Post got me thinking about the Children Medieval Band and I went to their channel and now I have to drop this here.
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This discussion is beautiful.
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Holy cow! I don't know how I missed those converge piano covers, but daaaaammmnnnnn!!!!! My new favorite thing. Thank you.
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An oldie but still worth it Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters
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