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Zack Parsons, Something Awful's resident writer of much weirdness (oldest articles in that listing may be misattributed) has resumed his beloved series with Steve Sumner (the Max to his Sam), WTF D&D. While Zack still writes for Something Awful, he and Steve's reviews of weird pen-and-paper RPG sourcebooks and art, and their rollicking RPG campaigns, have resumed on Zack's new site, The Bad Guys Win, which also features other new articles from Zack (all of the new WTF D&D, currently a two-part adventure in the Ravenloft setting starring Steve as an idiot monk, is collected under Games).

Other works by Zack Parsons include Instruction for a Help (previously), That Insidious Beast and, of course, CONEX Convict Connections (see also prequels here, here, here and possibly non-canonically here).
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I didn't know that about Night Vale. Cool!

(also baffled by the layout of their new site - the WTFs are broken into multiple short pages, but there are no ads to support such a decision. WTF?!?)
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Oh, Hruggek, my sides.
Steve: “Letter. I know this thing.” Bane picks it up and studies the letter. He squints his eyes as though he might discern the strange symbols on the paper.

Zack: Never again, Steve. Never again make a solo character like this that is illiterate. Wendy will read the stupid letter for you.

Steve: Okay, but how did a bat learn to read?

Zack: Really? You’re going to look a gift bat in the mouth?

Steve: It’s ruining my immersion.
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I actually have a neighbor exactly like this.

I 💝 Zack Parsons
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I think he wrote the Monster Forums stuff for SA too didn't he? He's the best.
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Kult Always felt like "Fuck you, Call of Cthulhu, we're going full on weird!
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I think he wrote the Monster Forums stuff for SA too didn't he?

Monstergeddon is by Josh "Worm" Miller.
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That Ravenloft thing is fucking amazing. Not Jon Bois-level amazing, but pretty great.
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Zack: “Kill him? Why… he is the savior of Barovia. The people here owe everything to him.”

Steve: “Owe vampire bite marks on neck. He vampire. It time you lose blood robber and get with someone less macabre.”

Zack: Her groan of dismay at your terrible rhyme is covered up by the sound of a sinister organ.

Steve: Like an evil gall bladder?

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I hope this means Zach and Steve will finally publish "Hard Ticket to Baghdad," the final installment in their trilogy of Call of Cthulhu: 1990s Handbook campaigns. Their party consists of Eazy-E (linguistics), Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (demolitions, computers), and Kurt Kobain (Mythos knowledge, hand-to-hand combat).
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Is Steve a real person or just Zach's alter ego? Can't tell.
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Nothing is better than Zack Parson and Dr. David Thorpe's Fashion SWAT.
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Oh man, I was just picking through WTF D&D this morning, wishing for something new. Thank you!
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Iridic: Zack posted the following comment here on September 17th: "Hard ticket back on track coming soon. New wtfs will be on this site"
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I'm glad I was not the only person that thought Heavy Metal covers were embarrassing.
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Oh man, I haven't thought of WTF D&D in ages. Nice to see that it will be coming out again. I'm not a huge fan, but they are a fun way of seeing how silly my hobby can be every once in a while.
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