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To support their latest album the band Dawes recently held a competition in Paris where fans uploaded videos lip synching the lyrics to the songAll Your Favorite Bands"” for a chance to cover his/her favorite classic rock song with the group. The winner was a woman named Paloma, and her favorite classic rock song is Lay Lady Lay and here is their version.
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That Dylan cover was delightful Sunday afternoon fair. Thanks.
posted by bigZLiLk at 6:42 PM on October 24, 2015

Really enjoyed listening to all the Dylan covers, especially the Ministry version, which I'd forgotten about. Paloma's got great taste in classic rock, and she sings nice too.
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Lay Lady Lay was, perhaps, the most erotic song that came out of the late 60's. For those of us traveling through adolescence/young adulthood it evoked wonderful images to be aspired to.
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Metal Machine Music is technically classic rock. I am disappointed in you, Paloma.
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I'd probably wreck my car if a "Classic Rock" radio station played this song
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The post is a little misleading. The fans in those links aren't lip-syncing to "All Your Favorite Bands" but covering other Dawes songs.

Dawes is great live. I highly recommend going to see them.
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