Suspense, X Minus One, Lights Out! Mercury Theatre and more...
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Back-to-back old time radio posts!
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*vocalizes before a big microphone with two gals in bobbed haircuts*
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Ooh, I've listened to all of these, and they're great choices. The Cat Wife especially, is a good one. I feel like The Weird Circle is underrepresented in these lists. It was a smaller production, but it focused on more classical horror and suspense stories.
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Needs more Johnny Dollar.

Hey, insurance claims are scary!
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And Radio Drama Revival is doing a run of Halloween stories now, too. Their version of the Masque of the Red Death is a fantastic adaptation for modern listeners.
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Yay! Here is where I get to recommend the outsidery Halloween radio dramarations of Judson Fountain. The demented, sing-songy voice of Molly in The Old Woman of Haunted House totally slays me and is frequently imitated in my household, usually to the great dismay of any living being within earshot.

Heck, I'm gonna change my ringtone to the old woman right now.
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See also: Escape, Lights Out!, Mysterious Traveler and Suspense.
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I got so engrossed in the 80s CBC show "Nightfall" three years ago that I made an FPP about it. It's old-time-radio-meets-VHS-schlock-horror*, right down to the sleazy, cheesy synthesizer soundtrack.

* If Robert Aickman has been adapted for VHS-era B movie horror, that is.
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Thank you for the Halloween gift. Karloff and Price in the same package.
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No love for Inner Sanctum Mysteries?
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peppermind: "No love for Inner Sanctum Mysteries?"
Which ones do you like? What's good?
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(i'm sorry)
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The Nitrate Diva's Fear You Can Hear: 31 of the Scariest Old Time Radio Episodes for Halloween. (Includes The Inner Sanctum's "The Vengeful Corpse.")
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No love for Inner Sanctum Mysteries?

It didn't make their list but it was mentioned in the intro, so it got some love. Meanwhile, I get to grumble, "No love for Quiet, Please?"

When I saw the article title, I immediately thought of three shows, and only "The House On Cypress Canyon" made the AV Club's list. So my two glaring omissions are the incredible "The Thing On The Fourble Board" from Quiet, Please, which gradually moves from creepy atmosphere to perverse delirium (and which is included in Kylio's Nitrate Diva link), and Suspense's "Sorry, Wrong Number," which is not supernatural but has absolutely the scariest ending of any OTR I've heard (and which the AV Club does at least mention under the entry for "The Hitchhiker").

A couple of other really good ones not mentioned in either the AV Club or Nitrate Diva lists are a pair of Lights Out episodes, "Death Robbery," starring Boris Karloff and featuring the most unnerving creature vocal performance this side of "Fourble Board," and "The Coffin In Studio B," which is a fun meta episode, set during the recording of a Lights Out story.

I got so engrossed in the 80s CBC show "Nightfall" three years ago that I made an FPP about it.

"The Porch Light" is freakin' terrific, isn't it? And the '80s-slasher-by-way-of-Tales-From-The-Darkside vibe of "All Nighter" is pretty memorable, too. I've seen people online complaining that the soundtrack spoils the mood for them, but dammit, I love me some '80s horror synth and in fact it's the reason I checked out the show in the first place.
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