Psychedelic Britannia
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BBC Four Presents three programmes about the psychedelic era of British pop: Psychedelic Britannia, 60s Psychedelic Rock at the BBC, Arena - Magical Mystery Tour. Tune in, turn on, chill out.
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Too bad they're blocked - only viewable in the UK.
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I misread that as "Psychadelic Brittanica." I thought we were getting a wikipedia of hallucinogenics. British music is groovy too I suppose.
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There was the Encyclopedia Psychedelica (scans of one issue), a late-80s London-based love letter to a full-on Leary-style ecstatic embrace of entheogenetic evolution, headed by the formidable Frasier Clark, pbuh.

I was a subscriber, in every sense. Really should do an FPP.

The BBC documentaries are good fun, but don't do much more than you'd expect.
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Thanks for the links, marienbad, I didn’t catch these when they were broadcast. On a vaguely related note, Rob Chapman’s new book Psychedelia and Other Colours sounds very interesting. Chapman was interviewed about it recently at The Quietus.
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sea, try going on the iPlayer via - I tried it but it just linked back to the site as I am in England.
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These Daily Motion links work for me in Canada ...

Psychedelic Britannia
60s psych rock at the BBC
Arena Magical Mystery Tour
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BBC 4's (X) Britannia series of music docs are generally fun, so thanks for this. I've seen the folk, reggae and synth ones, and they're all engaging, with a nice combination of period footage and current interviews.
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Thanks for those links, philip-random!
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They're to be found on the video forum, and they're readily available (around or more than a hundred seeders).
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