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In 1977 NBC produced a one-off TV movie, Halloween with the New Addams Family, a revival of the 1960s series with virtually* all of the original TV actors. [via]

*Unfortunately, Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald (Grandmama) may not have been available for filming and died several months ofter the episode aired, aged 82.
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I have led a good life, but I have two regrets. One, I never sent Kate Hepburn flowers. Two, I did not see John Astin's one-man Poe show. That man is a treasure (as was Kate).
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Ruki, it's not a full show, but here are some clips of John Astin to address your second regret: John Astin Reads The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe (early-ish professional recording, source unknown), and John Astin Reads Poe's El Dorado (audience recording from the Poe Bicentennial in Baltimore on October 11, 2009, and there are a few other recordings of him reading this poem).
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Love the Addams Family series and have them all on some budget DVD. Tried this '70s version but it did not have the style—black and white was the whole thing, from the cartoons to the '60s show. Black and white and indoors. These people don't belong out in the sunshine.
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Two, I did not see John Astin's one-man Poe show.

I saw a performance of it he did again a few years ago at the Poe House in Baltimore. I hadn't thought of John Astin since I was a child watching Addams Family reruns, but there he was not 10 feet from me being completely fantastic!

Thanks for this post. I like this delicious tidbit:
the script was written by sitcom veteran George Tibbles, who wrote a few episodes for The Addams Family’s longtime rival, The Munsters.
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Not enough love in this thread for the beautiful Carolyn Jones.
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If you're a John Astin fan you might want to watch Evil Roy Slade.
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