The fans have spoken and Lucas has listened.
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The fans have spoken and Lucas has listened. Seems that Episode I is coming out on DVD after all. And Lucas says the web campaign on various sites encourage him to change his mind. How does this affect popular politics on a grander scale? And when will politicians jump on board the bandwagon?
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Wake me when the industry stops dictating where and on which players you can watch the DVD.
posted by harmful at 7:32 PM on May 3, 2000

Oh yeah, I'm sure the websites were what convinced him to release the DVD months after the video tape. I'm sure it had nothing to do with selling hardcore fans two copies of the same lousy movie.
posted by dogwelder at 8:56 PM on May 3, 2000

Re: "when will politicians jump on board" etc.

Well, the web's already being used very effectively in some cases as a grassroots political tool and weapon.

See here for just one example that comes floating up in my mind.
posted by mrpalomar at 9:21 AM on May 4, 2000

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