31 Horror Icons
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Every day this month, the wacky graphics folks at Baboon Creation (with Motion Designer Simon Lagneau) have posted an animated gif showing an iconic horror character in a 'walk cycle' (or float or bounce, depending on the character). From Frankenstein's Monster on the 1st to Michael Jackson Zombie on the 31st, all in a cartoonish style that's more spoopy than spooky. (Day 17: the Addams Family's Cousin Itt) Still, they call it "31 Horror Days"; I can't disagree or the monsters'll get me.
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Okay, could someone please tell me what the heck "spoopy" is?
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Why do they all have hammers (coffee cups?) for hands?

At any rate, it's definitely spoopy.
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As for me, I first saw "spoopy" in a collection of misspelled Halloween decorations. (I printed out the "Damon Horns" one to show to a friend named Damon. He's not talking to me now.)

I probably should have gone with "altogether ooky" with Cousin Itt in the mix.
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Carrie FTW.
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Why do they have hammers for hands?
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Hammers for hands?
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Semi-related, and a little late, but... "What if General Mills expanded their line of monster cereals?"
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Honestly expected this to be a link to False Positive's annual 31 Days of Halloween feature. This is good too.
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