Dance like millions are watching
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First place at VIBE XX 2015 Dance Competition: San Diego based dance crew Cookies.

Dancing in the Dark: Wrecking Orchestra performs Amazing Tron Dance (SLYT)

Bonus: Young hip hop dancer killin' it.
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This is completely perfect.
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Yeah man - that was very cool! I see Cookies is from San Diego - I was at UC Irvine for a few years and interacted with both the academic dance world and the break dance scene there - and also would see dance teams like cookies rehearse in the parking garage. It is a really cool scene.

I'm struck by a lot of similarities between the FPP link and trends in the modern dance world. I'm curious how people in the scne view the difference between these kinds of dance crews and 'professional modern dance' companies like the Bill T. Jones and Alvin Ailey. To me, it seems like it is partly about the dance crews not being so focussed on building on the name of the choreographer, but are more about the collaborative work of the whole team. But I don't know how true that is - I'd be curious how people more in the scene think about it.
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While you're checking out Cookies and VIBE, check out the second place team from 2014, The Company. There's also a front row video of their performance on YT. Just awesome stuff.
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While the audience reaction is clearly a part of the live atmosphere at a competition, I'd love to see a resoundtracked version of this with just the music. I find it just too distracting.
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Holy shit, that Tron dance. I'm so glad to live in the future.
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Oh wow, that was really moving. Definitely made me teary-eyed.

And I'm no dance expert, but it seemed like this was hip-hop with some strong lyrical dance influence, though I might just be thinking that because of the music choice.
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Wrecking Crew Orchestra previously.
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Everybody, let's make some noise for children becoming orphans! Give it up!
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All of the winners Are. So. Good.

Thanks for sharing!!
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