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Alan Moore talks to John Higgs about the 20th Century touching on, among other subjects, Lovecraft, science fiction and piggate (SLYT)
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I'm still waiting for Providence to kick into gear. It started strong and has its moments but has mostly been this fairly relaxed travelogue so far and I'm wondering when all the little tableux will come together.

That said, I remember when Beonomicon kicked into gear so maybe I shouldn't wish for that.
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I'm kinda into Providence's slow jam... and the annotations from someone who knows a lot more about Lovecraft than I do help a lot. I fully expect it to go totally nuts when he gets to one of the more cyclopean stories.

I really hope he gets to make his Show Pieces television show, but sadly I think there's only a slim chance
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I always appreciate his thoughtful answers in these kinds of interviews.
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I should find the time to read the back matter on the last few issues, as that was a part of what made the first issue so good.
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I like the LOEG books, I kinda skim through the text stuff at the back
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Another recent Alan Moore thing: he answers 75 questions from Goodreads members, most of them having to do with horror (it is or was "horror month" there), and although he copies/pastes answers for several identical or nearly-identical questions, he also answers several questions about Lovecraft and Providence.

(He's also charmingly blunt regarding some questions. "If you could be killed in a horror film who would you want to be killed by and how would prefer to be killed?

Alan Moore[:] I’m sorry, but I genuinely never give a moment’s thought to matters like this, and really can’t provide an answer for this question.")
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Out of all of the many, many things you've written, which is your most personal?

Alan Moore By definition, The Birth Caul must be the most personal piece of my writing that anyone has actually seen or listened to. However, next year I expect that to be superseded by Jerusalem, which is as close as I will ever be able to get to articulating my experience and my background in terms of a fiction.

It comes!
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That interview with Alan Moore you linked to Halloween Jack is pretty interesting and aside from some repetition and some dull questions he does offer some pretty interesting views. This statement caught my eye though:

"It’s certainly gratifying to hear some left wing voices in a world of voracious and unrelentingly right wing political agendas, and Trudeau’s win in Canada is obviously to be welcomed as a way of reversing some of that formerly exemplary country’s recent suicidal environmental policies."

We can only hope Mr. Moore.
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Thank you fearfulsymmetry. I'd appreciate any other links to thoughtful Moore video talks like this one.
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