Swing Dancers vs. Street Dancers
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Invitational Battle between Vintage and Modern Street Dancers at Montreal Swing Riot. Modern and Vintage Street Dancers battle it out to their own and each others' music, creating an amazing mix of styles. Modern Street Dancers represented waacking, locking, popping, breaking, hip hop and krump; Vintage Street Dancers represented vernacular jazz dances like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop.
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Stunning, metaBugs: thanks. (If I can just get this grin off my face now!)
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Awesome. Last year's battle was posted here as well.
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Absolutely delightful.
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Great post. Thanks for sharing. Also man that looks like the diverse utopia you'd hope was more common place these days.
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That was fantastic.

By the way, if anybody is tempted to watch it but just doesn't have the twenty minutes to spare... I think it's fun all the way through, but the finale (which starts at about 13 minutes 15 seconds in) is especially great
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I think my friend was in the audience! She went to Montreal on Halloween weekend for something swing-related.

I had no idea it was this cool.
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Quebec is one of those places where the swing dance craze never went away. In our small town alone, there was a hugely well attended swing dance night. A couple we were friends with were even competition level contenders! It was so strange but so cool.
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Turned it on thinking 'oh, I'll watch a minute or two of this just to see how they combine the genres.' Watched the whole thing.

Might watch it again.
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Makes me wish my feet weren't crap (read: ruined) so I could re-learn the basics and then go further with swing dancing. And the joy and love for all the dancers and all the styles and just.... seeing last month made me go, "Yeah!"
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Really want to go dancing now. Really want to go dancing now. Really don't want to fix bugs in websites. Really want to go dancing now.
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We watch these often with our three year old. Love all of the vids. Love them Lindyhoppers.
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Awesome! So fun. Thanks for posting!
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Coincidentally, this popped up in my newsfeed this morning: What it means that we are Lindy Hopping again.
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That was amazing! They make it look so easy.

Dumb question, but so far I can't figure it out on my own: can anyone tell me what songs they're all dancing to? The jazz in particular -- I'm sure they're well-known, but I'm not familiar enough with the genre to recognize them.
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Re Janta: I have some but not all.

0:24 Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
1:30 I Can't Lose - Mark Ronson
3:06 Jericho (I don't recognize this particular version, it's a classic)
6:30 - ?
8:30 - Watch Me - Silento (some kind of dance remix)
10:10 - ?
13:14 - ?
16:30 Swing Set - The All-American Rejects
19:30 Turn Down for What - DJ Snake, Lil Jon
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10:10 is Flying Home, Lionel Hampton
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Oh snap! I remember when sciatrix posted last year's (epic) battle. Super stoked about checking this out later on in my day when I can kick back and enjoy it!
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I think what I love most about this is that despite the "battle" in the title, it's clear that each group made routines with the express purpose of delighting, not defeating, the other team.
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6:30 - is "i", Kendrick Lamar
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Thank you! So much fun. I was chair dancing and grinning through the whole thing.
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Janta, the swing songs are:

03:05 — "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho", Sidney Bechet
10:10 — "Flying Home", Lionel Hampton (as fedward said)
13:14 — "Dippermouth Blues" (or "Sugarfoot Stomp" — I don't have this version and I can't recall off-hand who's performing it)
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Thanks, Hypatia, fedward, crepesofwrath, and cardioid! Off to see if I can find some of these tracks via my library....
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This is the fuckin best. Love it.
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Have held off on watching until I had time to toss it up on the teevee and man, this is so damn good. Loved last year's and howevermany other years I've seen. One of the things I love best is how much everyone there loves what they're doing, and what their "competitors" are doing - it makes me grin till my face hurts the whole time I'm watching. Thanks!
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This is great! I see the description says it's part 3, does anyone have the first two parts?
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