Water Ballet
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Dutch artist/musician Kamiel Rongen creates liquid landscapes, WaterBallet if you will. Here are all of them. Here is his website.
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Is there a 'making of' video for these? Because I am having trouble parsing the physics. My best guess is that he's actually filming through some kind of gel medium, and that the film is turned upside down with the new colours and elements being introduced to the top of a tank of whatever he's filmning through.
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Not sure how it's done. On his website, he writes: All my visuals are filmed from a fishbowl. Does that helps?
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My thought process watching this:

"Hmm, how is he doing that?"

"I bet I could do something really cool by filming water's surface from underneath while dropping water, paint, soap, and whatever onto it from above!"

"Oh, that's what he's doing."

So, that's how I think it's done, though I wish it weren't because I had a great idea for half a second there.
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Zo mooi !
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