‘I’m Playing for the One Percent Who Do Like it’
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Holy shit.

I'm familiar with Neil Hamburger and I've seen dozens of episodes of Decker and At the Movies, and I had no idea.
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I can't recommend On Cinema enough.

Starting as awesome satire of empty, thoughtless podcasts and moving into the bizzaro character developments and spin-off series...just hilariously well done all around.

They're short episodes and addictive.
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I went to see him do Neil Hamburger live once. I dropped a beer bottle, & cut my hand cleaning it off the floor. I talked to him after the show & he was really nice, but the whole time i was talking to him i was holding one hand behind my back, bleeding.
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I saw him last night in Brooklyn! Incredible!
posted by AJaffe at 2:06 PM on November 8, 2015

Decker vs. Dracula is genius.
posted by saul wright at 2:12 PM on November 8, 2015

Awesome. We saw Neil Hamburger perform at All Tomorrow's Parties years ago, and it was the surprise highlight of the weekend for me. Dragged a bunch of friends out to see him in Boston not long after that, and his opening act was Pleaseeasaur. That was one of the best comedy nights of my life. Most of our friends disagreed about Neil Hamburger's hilarity, but Pleaseeasaur was so amazing they forgave me for my otherwise terrible taste.
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Oh god, my love for Neil Hamburger is one of the few issues that I could see eventually driving my wife to leave me.

I've seen him several times, including during the phase when he was touring as a country singer (supported by also-weird musical act American Sheriff) and when he opened for/MCed a Faith No More concert, and I've watched Live at the Phoenix Greyhound Track more times than I can count, and he still gets me every time.

kind of chafes me the wrong way to say it but I CONSIDER MYSELF PROUD TO BE THE 1% (IN THIS CIRCUMSTANCE ONLY)
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