Police officers and FBI agents find cyanide in a Chicago subway.
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Police officers and FBI agents find cyanide in a Chicago subway. A Wisconsin computer worker who dubbed himself Dr. Chaos was charged Monday with possessing a chemical weapon. The suspect was wanted on several warrants from Wisconsin for allegedly staging attacks on a television station transmitter, electric power substations and natural gas pipelines. When police shut down the subway tunnels for three hours Saturday night, they publicly said they were searching for the possessions of a homeless man who had been living in the tunnel.
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"What we're looking at is someone who styles himself as an anarchist, as a domestic terrorist, who tries to live up to his computer moniker, which is Dr. Chaos," said Door County, Wis., District Attorney Tim Funnell.

The suspect and his 15 year old accomplice were arrested at an utility tunnel at the Univeristy of Illinois. A digital camera was used to shoot pictures of the UIC tunnels. In addition a Global Positioning System device and a scanner was tuned to the electric utility's (Commonwealth Edison) frequencies according to a police source.

Inside a Chicago Transit Authority storage area, a stolen laptop computer was kept that was used for "war driving," accessing networks without permission using a wireless modem according to the FBI.
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Thank goodness I ride the Red & Brown lines, or there could have been trouble.
posted by thirteen at 1:58 PM on March 12, 2002

Couldn't he have picked a better alias than "Dr. Chaos"?
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Yeah, like "Shoko Asahara" maybe?
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The "Realm of Chaos" *must* have a website.
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It's sort of like krytonite, maybe?
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Apparently this is his profile on makeoutclub.com.
I haven't been able to find an archived pic via the wayback machine to go with that, so I can't be sure. (here's their thread). Googling the email, aim, ICQ don't give anything either.
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