Business magazine editor sleeps with interviewee.
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Business magazine editor sleeps with interviewee. Harvard Business Review editor Suzy Wetlaufer interviews retired GE CEO Jack Welch for HBR. They begin a torrid romance (Welch is, of course, still married to his second wife.) Other editors find out about the romance and Wetlaufer cancels her story. Other HBR editors call for her resignation and the managing editor merely reassigns her. 2 other HBR editors quit in disgust. You can't make this stuff up!
Additional coverage via Financial Times; Boston Globe; MSNBC.
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I love the fact that Time refers to Wetlauer as a divorcee: a tarnished woman! Damaged goods!
I also enjoyed Welch's wife striking back at Wetlauer on her home turf.
posted by lbergstr at 3:41 PM on March 12, 2002

Reassigning her seems perfectly reasonable to me. I don't see the big issue, no pun intended.
posted by bingo at 4:32 PM on March 12, 2002

Harvard Business Review can 'interview' me anytime... (Note: only female editors need apply)
posted by patrickje at 4:35 PM on March 12, 2002

Welch's wife is now seeking a divorce, and apparently their prenuptial agreement has expired.

Wetlaufer also recieved advice from Welch on negotiating her remaining at the HBR.

You said it, gen, you can't make this stuff up.
posted by dglynn at 4:57 PM on March 12, 2002

I know he's rich but, ewwwwwwwwwww.... He's ugly. Why would she choose to sleep with that guy. Surely an editor of HBR would know other, perhaps better looking, or just as ugly but unmarried, rich men.
posted by Salmonberry at 6:33 PM on March 12, 2002

"Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." - Henry Kissinger
posted by aaron at 8:53 PM on March 12, 2002

For those reading the thread first, the FT article is the best.
posted by dhartung at 9:48 PM on March 12, 2002

and i just started reading his book, which my brother bought me, last night...funny
posted by physics at 8:57 AM on March 13, 2002

At one point, she reportedly flaunted an expensive bracelet--a gift from Welch. "Much to our discredit," the staffer says, "no one came forward to challenge her the way we should have."

It's very disappointing that HBR wasn't able to set a more dignified tone for resolving questions of sexual harassment and conflict of interest. It's disingenuous for any organization which sets its women up for one-on-one meetings with men in cars, tony restaurants, etc. to pretend it is "scandalized!" if something other than business transpires. This hypocritical (and common) practice is one of the more unpleasant barriers preventing women from succeeding in the workplace.
posted by sheauga at 2:42 PM on March 13, 2002

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