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Videos for Cats To Watch Volume 1 - a playlist of 32 videos filled with birds and squirrels and suchlike. The latest one is 38 minutes long and features birds twittering about on a fence and a bench. Warning: my cat attempted to destroy my laptop keyboard.
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Cat, enraptured
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Yes. My Herbie is in love with the winter birds one. He believes they are his friends.
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I'll be taking this out for a spin as soon as I get home.
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I'm not a cat and I'm enraptured by the sound of those wings fluttering.....

....or am I?
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I have to wait until I get home to try this but I imagine there will be much Predator Mouth in response to the bird "fwiends."
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My now-gone cat HarryHarryHarry used to love to watch a videotape we had years ago of blue jays and squirrels. He was always intrigued by TV and computer screens in general.

I think my current cats are too stupid to know what to do with a video.
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Also useful videos for grad students working in windowless cinderblock offices to watch to remind themselves that the outdoors exists.
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Another cat, enraptured.
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"Birds on the Fence and Bench" is already a classic. Black-and-white bird is visually striking and well-loved by the camera, but it's tan-and-gray bird's way of moving through the scene that really captures the viewer. This is the kind of film you can return to again and again.
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I am already trying to break one of my cats from her screen privileges; she stalks the TV like she's a four-year old in a boring restaurant, and we had a stand off last night where, for the first time, she didn't jump off the forbidden part of the TV stand when I stood up and walked towards her.

This will not help this struggle, but I will be hard pressed not to share it I'm sure.
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Yep, it works.
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My cat has briefly watched most of these but what really gets her attention is BBC nature documentaries. If I put those on she locks in for the full show and gets very upset at interruptions.
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Definitely trying this when I get home from work. Our cat is clingy in a "person having a bad trip at a music festival" kind of way so it'd be handy to have a reliable source of distraction.

I was on holidays in New England two weeks ago and was in a place in Beverly where people can leave their cats when they're away - they had a video of some aquarium fish playing and quite a few cats were transfixed.
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There's one of a cage of gerbils which we've had to ban in our house. Too dangerous.

Although their reactions the one time on another video there was a sudden close up of a squirrel, which on my TV meant it ended up bigger than the cats, has made up for all the muddy footprints on the TV stand.

My cats also like wildlife documentaries, but not Springwatch/Autumnwatch programmes which switch back to boring humans talking, One Man and his Dog (sheepdog trials), many sports, Bladerunner, and anything featuring big cats - they know, somehow they know, that they are their cousins.
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It's a decent set, but it doesn't include "Party at the Snow Hole", which is a classic of the genre, at least in our house.
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What videos I can watch that *won't* result in my cat trying to chew on my device's screen, is what I want to know (Sorry for not having pictures of the phenomenon in action- it's hard to take a picture of a cat with a phone that's in its mouth).
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(Does anyone else's cat love watching Archer? Our cat can't get enough- she'll binge watch with us and only stop to get up and bat at the screen)
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What is the tit-like bird that is neither a chickadee nor a nuthatch?
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localhuman, I love the composition of your photo of your cat. If it weren't for the glare on the screen (and the low resolution), I'd be tempted to frame it!
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It took a while but he's hypnotised
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KittyP luvs watching the YouTube bird vids on the TV. Sometimes she does bat at the screen or go around behind the TV looking for the critters. She also sometimes watches Jeopardy and tennis.

The best slightly mean human entertainment is when during a show she notices a galloping horse, speeding train or car and she runs out of the room cos she thinks it’s after her. (But you know cats -- does she worry if I’M going to get run over by it?)
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Eventually he had a look around the back of the TV to see if the birds were accessible and was sorely disappointed
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Between this post and what I discovered yesterday about cats and cucumbers, my weekend is planned.
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My five-month-old kitten will find this a welcome change from Breaking Bad.
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Also, that bird with the green breast is really beautiful.
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Aw, my stubby cat loves this sort of thing, but what she really likes is soccer. Something about he quick movement of the ball - and sometimes the players - really grabs her attention.
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I've had to pull out of this experiment. Simon was sat next to me on the couch, his eyes got very big and he looked like he was girding himself to go straight through the laptop screen. Wish I'd had my camera handy.
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I love field recordings, and I love watching and listening to birds. I do these frequently to relax in my own back yard. These videos will make my work day much more pleasant. In fact, I'm tempted to just let them play on my TV all day long.

Thanks so much for sharing.
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My cat was interested until the banner ad at the bottom covered up the nuts and the cat couldn't click the "x" in the corner.
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My cat can watch birds out the back window any time he wants, but he did run right up to watch one of these.
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I can't help but wonder how our cats would react to our housemate putting this up on her projector, with a 10' screen.

Of course, with the possibilities including terrorizing the cats with huge animals, or having them attack and ruin the screen, there are too many ways for that to end badly.
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I've been playing Paul Dinning's videos for my cat for several months now. We call his channel her "show" and put it on the TV whenever we're going to be gone for long periods. She loves it and will watch for hours.

Here's another one that drives her wild: Mouse Hunt
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Oh, if we're sharing photos of our enraptured cats, here's mine.
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Roswell is all "gimme!"
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Works so well that the neighbor's cat (L) came over to check it out.
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My cat was enraptured for five full minutes. Eventually he tried to paw at the birds and he touched the screen. He looked at me, delivered an exasperated mew, walked around to the back of the laptop, walked back to the front, and walked away with an annoyed look on his face.
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