Horse Burlesque
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Horse Burlesque [SLVimeo, NSFW]. Does what it says on the tin, I guess?
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"It's finally happening—after 15 years of ballet and 5 years of modern dance, I got a callback for a part!"
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I've seen this linked before, maybe in a comment here or elsewhere, and each time it makes me wonder what was really going on with the horse-crazy people I knew in high school and college.

It also reminds me of this video (might be nsfw, depending on your work) which has more of a sheep theme.
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That was fun! I needed something like that this morning. Thanks.
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This reminds me of an old Bones episode that I wish I had forgotten completely.
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That was a very well swept and tidy barnyard, but it was still freaking me out to see the women prancing barefoot.
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I wondered how that would work, but it's not actually horses doing the dancing.
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Horses look at you funny when you dance in their barn, but sometimes you've just got get your dance on. High level dressage and Grand-Prix jumpers excluded, of course. They're judging you.

They don't mind a bit of singing though. Horses love classic show tunes, especially Cole Porter.
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Reminds me of John Willie's Pony Girls.
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Uniqlock uniqlock uniqlock
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Now with rubber horse heads! Horse dancing and some other cowboy stuff as interpreted by Germans.
posted by boilermonster at 10:39 AM on November 21, 2015

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