Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - watercolor artist
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Stephanie is a painter and illustrator of fantastical art or as she puts it - painted reality.
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I'm a fan! She's also a very nice person, if you're ever at a convention that she's at.
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She does beautiful work; my son is a Magic: The Gathering fan, and was surprisingly interested in this interview.
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Really strong on drawing and painting, and a strong design sense. Very nice work.
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Has a Charles Vess quality..
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She really is an incredible artist- I first encountered her with her Exalted RPG artwork ages ago. And she's only gotten better since then. If I ever publish an epic fantasy book or game or something, I want her to do the artwork.
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I love her work! I remember being in absolute awe over it when I first saw her post on online galleries (Elfwood anyone?) some... oh jeez, 15+ years ago? She's still a major source of inspiration for me.
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I used to look at her stuff on Elfwood too, and I have a print of hers that I bought when I was a teenager that still hangs in my flat now (I can't find it on her website any more, only on Pinterest). She's amazing, I'd love to be able to afford an actual painting of hers and not just a print.
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OMG, I used to LOVE her on Elfwood and I've been trying to remember her name for years! I remember she won a Pern fan art contest at like 17 and I was totally jelly.
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I saw her art displayed at BayCon, but didn't end up talking to her. (While I was straining to think of something not too idiotic to say, someone who actually wanted to buy a print walked up, so I faded back.)
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She's new to me. Thanks, ladyriffraff! Her work is astonishingly beautiful.
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There are a million mediocre how-to-draw-and-paint-fantasy-stuff books on the shelves these days. But hers are really good.
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