750,000 aliens
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reddit gets no love here, often for good reasons. But many who avoid it do not realize how diverse it is. There are ca. 750,000 different communities on reddit, and some of them may surprise you. Below are 40 random samples from the vast reddit universe. (Warning: lots of imgur gifs ahead)

Bill Gates’s 1975 business card from r/ArchivePorn (No porn)
r/Full Movies On Youtube
Row your boat from r/Unexpected
r/Cats Standing Up
Minnesota saloon and Krazy Cat from r/The Way We Were

A place for widows, widowers... and anyone who has lost a companion to share and heal
Ralph Wiggum Cut-Out Cake from r/Cakewin
GI Joe figures from r/Cool collections
Long distance Frisbee toss from r/happycrowds
“April Fool's Day is the one day of the year when people critically evaluate news articles before accepting them as true“ from r/Shower thoughts
Nope Nope etc. from r/Sweaty Palms
r/Chili con carne
History from r/Puns
Hot Glass Spiral from r/Oddly satisfying
r/WTF Amazon
r/Street Eats
r/Cable Porn (No porn)
Houdini Destruction Test from r/Simulated
A place for your favorite r/vegan recipes
A pigeon getting closer from r/Woah Dude
"5 years ago I had my front 4 teeth removed, today, I finally was able to afford a denture. Smiled for the first time in years" from r/Happy
r/No Sleep is a place for authors to share their original horror stories
American Dad Dickbutt from r/DickButt
Sleeping chocolate chip sloths from r/Pareidolia, pictures of things that look like something that it's not
My first 3d printed hand went to a boy in Peru from r/3Dprinting
r/beards and r/LongBeards
My wife found a bike from r/Underwater Photography
r/Slavs Squatting and r/A Normal Day In Russia
r/Misleading Thumbnails
r/Traditional Curses
Photographs taken of my roommate Ian while he is sleeping
r/Engineering Porn
and of course, r/Cucumbers Scaring Cats

(Most of these links point to the /top/ part of the sub/r. To browse the daily feeds, click on the main link of each). Tip for reddit-abominators who would like to try anyway: Start by clicking on the links, not the endless discussions.

Please add your own favorite sub/r below.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Sorry, framing this as side-taking in some kind of notional Mefi vs reddit thing isn't great, the imperative at the end isn't really Mefi form, and "here are just a bunch of random good things from reddit" is too loose a net. -- LobsterMitten


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