Leave no ball behind.
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"Once upon a time, in a tiny home, lived three ball brothers: Biita, Biisuke, and Biigoro. The three lived happily together but one day.... What?! Two of the brothers were taken!"

And so begins Biisuke Ball's Big Adventure, where one little ball braves a Rube Goldberg machine and larger-than-life enemies to rescue his ball brothers and bring them home. (Turn on closed captioning for subtitles in English.) [SLYT]
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That was really good in that (a) it was a real setup without any editing trickery and plausibly works more often that not (which i can’t say for most of these videos); (b) does something different than most Rube Goldberg machines in that a single ball (and at end, three) makes its way throughout the course; and (c) the silly story & song is represented by actions in the course (being chased by enemy, etc.).
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That is the ne plus ultra of pitagora suitchi.
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"Our people tell the same story."
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in that a single ball (and at end, three)

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This is truly the best of the web, and I am totally in earnest when I say that, being someone who loves both Rube Goldberg machines and anthropomorphization.
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It takes balls to do a Rube Goldberg machine well.

(+ what D.C. said.)
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For those who want more info on this, this is Pythagora Switch, a regular bit shown on Japan's NHK during children's programming time slots. I hadn't seen this one before but their Rube Goldberg videos are indeed impressive.
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*Spoiler alert*
Reunited and it feels so good....
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