Slow Motion Fire Tornado
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We've seen 'All-Natural' Fire Tornadoes and 'Home-Made' Fire Tornadoes, but The Slo-Mo Guys have finally brought us a Slow-Motion Fire Tornado.
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This is not their most interesting one, because there is not really anything special or extra that is revealed by the slowmo. But overall these guys are excellent. And I especially like the sound effects they use for the slow down / speed up transition.
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Gavin Free has talked (briefly) a few times on the Rooster Teeth podcast about how doing the sound effects/foley work tends to be the most time intensive part of the videos. He really does take great care and time to get the entire presentation right.

I think there might even be a vlogish video on Slow-Mo Guys that discusses it too.
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You can get almost the exact same sound by saying "Testing-1-2-3" into your computer microphone, loading it up in Audacity and Ctrl+A, Effect->Paulstretch "20" and clicking OK.

May want to run a low pass filter and pitch up 1-2 semitones as needed to achieve the pitch you're targeting, but the result's basically identical (verified in under 30 seconds prior to posting this).
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The slow motion sequences looked like a baby shoggoth, only made of fire.
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All excited, I tried Ryvar's suggestion, and apparently my speech is actually constructed from foreboding hell-chants.
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I lost like an hour and a half this evening watching their stuff. I think my favorite might be the one where they have two droplets colliding, for sheer beauty.
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