Thirty eight jewels
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If you're like a whole buncha other folks out there who haven't heard nearly enough (or even any) of the music of America's perhaps least-known MAJOR soul man, then I've got the cure right here. Right here in this little Metafilter post. Yes indeed I do. Thirty eight songs of the great, great Solomon Burke. Just sit back and let it rain down on you, brothers and sisters.
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A fantastic reminder, thank you flapjax.

What you people have got to put on next is Soul Alive, the 2 CD live record of Solomon Burke at the Phoenix 1 club in DC, 1981. It isn't just Burke at his finest, singing and preaching the Word of Love to his crowd, his ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies, it seems), who lap up his words like holy milk.

It's much more than that. A singular treasure we are lucky to have available to us, Soul Alive is one of the best live recordings ever made.
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yes and after Soul Alive, you put on Proud Mary
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I was lucky to catch last year's great antiwar film "'71," the other night. Young British soldier goes on a Stygian trip through Belfast.
Well worth your time this holiday weekend.

Anyway, "Cry To Me" turns up as diegetic jukebox music at a pivotal moment. I always cheer a little when I hear Solomon Burke.
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Ugh, I love Solomon Burke! I know what will be accompanying my mournful day-before-Thanksgiving workday!
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So, so so good.

Also, previously on the blue: Burke's MeFi Obituary Post
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Least-known? I'm not arguing, just saying that's a little surprising. And sad.

I can't play a soul set without including "Cry to Me". And one of the things I liked about where I lived in Philadelphia was being so close to Solomon Burke's plaque on the Walk of Fame. (I was close to many other plaques, of course, but that was one I especially cared about, and I was especially close to it.)
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It appears to be missing his great recent album, Don't Give Up On Me, from which I'd suggest both the title track and None Of Us Are Free.
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In a different style, don't miss his amazing acoustic cover of Ray Charles' "Drown in My Own Tears".
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