These women show that joy can come from even the darkest of experiences.
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In Photos: A Beauty Pageant for Holocaust Survivors (Haaretz)
Thirteen women compete in the third annual beauty contest for survivors of the Nazi effort to exterminate European Jews.

Winner of Holocaust survivor’s beauty contest: The Jew will never disappear from the world (JPost)
Title from the Daily Mail.
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Here is an article I found about the 2013 winner: Shoshana Kolmer, 94, who survived Auschwitz and a four-day death march in the snow.
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This is pretty wonderful. I am profoundly glad they are here to experience this event.
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These folks should lead a life of ease, free of worry, after the suffering they endured, but unfortunately it's not all roses, even in Israel.

Thousands of Israeli Holocaust Survivors Still Living in Poverty: Seventy years after the end of WWII, some 20,000 aging Holocaust survivors receive little or no support from Israel, and 45,000 live under poverty line.
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Dang, those are some beautiful women.
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leotrotsky - that linked article is paywalled and probably not accessible to 98% of everyone - FYI
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The group that co-sponsors the pageant, ICEJ, is a Christian organization that has donated many thousands of dollars to help Holocaust survivors and helps run Haifa Home, an assisted living care facility for survivors.

The Home was conceived and co-created with ICEJ by a charity called Yad Ezer L'Haver, which in Hebrew means "a helping hand to a friend." Yad Ezer also runs three soup kitchens in Israel -- the founder says he recognized the need for an old people's home when the number of Holocaust survivors visiting the soup kitchens began to surge. The Spiegel article notes that several German Christian evangelical groups also volunteered time and funds to help survivors.

Haifa Home also apparently opens it doors to visiting groups from all over the world, so people living there can discuss what happened to them during WWII. Last year's pageant winner was mentioned in this Ynet article from 2013 that covered a visit by British teens of Iranian descent.

I have deep reservations about Christian groups that support Israel. But this one's doing good work. And a beauty pageant for survivors is a wonderful idea.
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Oh god I may be drunk but this made me cry so much
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poor us, poor humans, wonderful and so awful. How to even live with this?
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