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Whether you know the basic story or not, you may enjoy Mark Steel's lecture on Beethoven's life for its entertaining (and decidedly informal) presentation.
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The slow movement of Beethoven's late quartet in A minor is a Thanksgiving tradition for me; you may enjoy it as well.
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The level of effort clearly endeavored to flesh out every joke even to the shortest of shots was just as remarkable as the cultural relevance and purported narratorial accuracy. This was meant to be watched many times.
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I recently watched the entire series on youtube, I can't recommend it enough. Mark Steel is a national treasure.
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From this lecture come on of my family sayings: Get up and invade something!
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Thank you for posting this, it was delightful. I'm going to have to check out the rest of the series.
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I love Mark Steel - in particular, I'm a huge fan of his radio series "Mark Steel's In Town". In each episode he visits a different small town in the UK and performs a one-off standup act about that town's history, culture, geography and rivalries with other nearby towns.

Each episode is crammed with local in-jokes that you somehow still completely understand. It's beautifully well observed and always sympathetic to the town, while making fun of it at the same time.

The BBC often re-run episodes from the various series, and any time they do you can listen to them on iPlayer from anywhere in the world (unlike TV episodes, iPlayer radio content isn't region locked by IP). Unfortunately none are available right now, but any time they are you can find them listed on
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The Birkenhead one is on youtube if you want to get an idea of the format.
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