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This Is Not Porn (.net) (previously here) has been showing "rare, candid, funny, beautiful, strange and awesome celebrity photos" for five years. But now the site has added a category for debunking fake celebrity photos, whether through a frivolous use of photoshop, a malicious use of photoshop, or simply a misidentification. Also, don't miss the collection of gifs.
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508 Resource Limit Is Reached
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Hah, I thought this was going to be about the old ARG at first, This Is Not Porn

Ah, memories.
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This puts my poster of Einstein into question.
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Well, I've spent the last two hours clicking through those celebrity pics. Thanks Foop.
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I thought this was going to be modern celebs (read Kardashians et al) in TMZ style. Instead it's like Web 1.0 fanzine. Wow. Thanks.
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I love Leonard Nimoy's cat.
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You guys, Christopher Reeve's stand-in was named Donald Standen

(Thanks, this is great! And a giant time-suck - I'm currently on page 41!)
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This is fantastic and I've been looking through it for days. Tons of interesting stuff here.

Tina Turner
Katharine Hepburn
Stephen Hawking
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