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Made for the Medium MSNBC's Brian Storm makes a case for a combination of news storytelling via photojournalism and audio that he feels is particularly well suited to the web. (via e-media tidbits)
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Last year's Gathering of the Juggalos happened across the street from where I work. Scared a lot of my older co-workers, but it went relatively smoothly except for the occasional stupid teenage vandalism.

However the sidewalk outside was black from all the damn faygo the fans sprayed around. Took weeks for the cleanup crews to get it off.

I'll admit it was fun to watch people's reactions to a few hundred kids running around downtown toledo in marilyn manson get-up with clown makeup on for three days.
posted by GeekAnimator at 8:51 AM on March 14, 2002

sorry, this is 15514. You want 15513, right across the street.
posted by starvingartist at 9:01 AM on March 14, 2002

Although the Gathering of the Juggalos would make an interesting photo essay...
posted by owillis at 9:25 AM on March 14, 2002

Brian Storm is a great guy. I worked with him for about 2 years at msnbc, and always credited him and his team with the high quality of the photos and presentation on I may be biased, but if you compare the visuals on with any other news site, they really blow them away - especially some of the graphics that look like they were slapped together in 10 seconds. It would be nice to see other digital news sources embrace (and display) quality photography so well.
posted by kokogiak at 10:13 AM on March 14, 2002

I liked the idea of capturing sound while you're taking photographs, then editing it to make an audio background for the pictures. I think it sounds better suited to online galleries than news reporting, though. I like my news pages to keep quiet while I read them.
posted by walrus at 11:12 AM on March 14, 2002

Well, the audio tends to be user-initiated versus just popping out. I think MSNBC's implementation is restrained and tasteful (versus usual web multimedia efforts).
posted by owillis at 11:18 AM on March 14, 2002

I really hadn't been aware of this part of their site (or of Brian Storm, for that matter). It reminds me of flipping through an old Life magazine, which is saying something.
posted by oddovid at 2:21 PM on March 14, 2002

I think MSNBC's implementation is restrained and tasteful (versus usual web multimedia efforts).

Yes it's pretty good. I admit, I had skimread the linked article rather than looking for examples. Thanks for pointing that one out.
posted by walrus at 4:37 AM on March 15, 2002

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