“…if you use a razor blade and glue; you can change the whole world.”
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The Art of Punk (previously) is a documentary series from MOCAtv, the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Arts’ YoutTube channel. The series looks at the visual language of the punk rock movement by focussing on three legendary punk rock bands and the seminal artists behind their iconic logos.

The Art of Punk: Dead Kennedys - The Art of Winston Smith
“We don’t need anybody to paint us some Filmore-type psychedelic posters, we don’t need complicated stuff, we can just make it all by ourselves, and one wicked idea — especially one that’s gonna offend almost everybody who sees it — that’s the way to go.” Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys
The Art Of Punk: Crass - The Art of Dave King and Gee Vaucher
“[Dial House] is a space that’s safe. People have often said that the minute they walk in the gate they feel safe. Over the years you realize how unusual it is for people to feel safe, and feel welcome, and that’s very beautiful because from that springs all sorts of grounded, you know, and enormous ideas. Artist Gee Vaucher
The Art of Punk: Black Flag - The Art of Raymond Pettibon
“My name is Raymond Pettibon and I designed this motherfucking thing.” — Artist Raymon Pettibon
Created, directed, and Executive Produced by Bryan Ray Turcotte and Bo Bushnell.
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In 1981 or so I cut out a stencil of the Crass logo and man we spray painted that on everything from our clothes to our cars.
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In 1981 or so I cut out a stencil of the Crass logo and man we spray painted that on everything from our clothes to our cars.

We did that, too. But it was enough years later that we should have been embarrassed.
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San Francisco vintage zine store Goteblud had a show with Dave King related to the Crass logo a couple years ago called Symbol.
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Do Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez turn up in these things at all? They were really active in the early days of SoCal punk and did a whole bunch of flyers for bands of the era. (For some reason Gilbert's flyers don't seem to be online nearly as much as Jaime's.)
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