March 14, 2002 10:13 AM   Subscribe is trying to get Congress to pass a six-point Consumer Technology Bill of Rights to protect the legitimate rights of honest consumers who buy copyrighted content legally. You can read about the issue and the group in Walt Mossberg's WSJ column.
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DigitalConsumer's FAQ is one of the better I've seen. This site, along with the EFF should help us all when we write our elected representatives. I like how DigitalConsumer makes a way for us to fax a letter, but nothing goes further than a letter in an envelope with a stamp.
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Fantastic! I've been waiting for this!
posted by Hackworth at 11:35 AM on March 14, 2002

Thanks for the link.
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What a great idea! A positive assertion of rights, instead of a constant state of panic about the latest DMCA/SSSCA/whatever.

One thing they should add to their Bill of Rights is the right to be free from taxes on digital devices and blank media that go straight into the pockets of copyright holders as "compensation" for piracy.
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