Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree.
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Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree. As explained by the AP: "It's not that an oversized tree adorned with ornaments is uncommon as a student choir sings carols in the days leading up to Christmas. It's more that the towering steel tree is decorated with garland, twinkling lights ... and hundreds of teenagers. [...] The Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree combines the usual elements into an unusual show that will draw thousands of spectators this weekend. The 67-foot-tall tree features 25,000 lights, 5,000 linear feet of greenery, and 15 tiers on which about 220 choir members stand. About 50 other students sing from positions near the base of the tree."
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Skimming the first couple FPP sentences I thought, “Oh, the biggest blahblah, sounds like a Texas thing.” Opened the article to see it’s in my home state, Michigan.

Suck it, Texas.

(But also, parents standing by in the trees, nurses on hand, and other precautions aside, did this involve any particular signing of releases?)
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Good for them: it is nice to excel at something and a singing Christmas Tree is just fine. And I know several successful professional musicians that spent their summers at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp near Muskegon.
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I was a little taken aback that they did not light the structure ablaze as a sacrifice to the the Gods of Darkness and Winter. It has been centuries since we sent a hecatomb of youths and maids to the Lords of the Bleak Half, and see where it's gotten us?

More Old Time Religion is what this country needs to be great again!
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Christmas is so tacky.
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