We jog when not carrying items.
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This California moving company will move for free women in abusive situations.
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I'm pleased to see any help offered to those in abusive situations. Thank you, Meathead Movers.
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This sounds great. I like these guys.
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They employ student athletes, which is excellent.
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I love this, thank you!
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Thank you for this FPP
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So much better way to advertise than, well, advertisements. If I or anyone I know needs a California mover, I'll be sure to remember Meathead Movers.
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We used Meathead for our last move (inside the same apartment complex from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom, which involved a lot of outdoor staircases), and they were fantastic. We only had them for a couple hours, and we were figuring if they could manage the big stuff (including a very heavy solid wood entertainment center) it'd be worth the money.

They did way more than we expected, were super friendly, and this just reinforces that whenever we move next, we'll probably use them again.
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And let me again stress the following - moving is one of those services where taking the lowest bidder is a terrible, terrible idea.

We recently moved a bunch of things out of my storage space. We picked someone who was closer to the top end than the bottom end (of course, there were all sorts of people as much as twice as expensive as the ones we finally chose, who were glorified "man with van") because they had numerous recommendations about how professional they were.

Well, I didn't even show up to the move. My wife basically just followed them around, they didn't let her carry a thing. It got done right on time, and with zero stress. I saw them for about three minutes when they dropped some stuff off here, they were brisk and no-nonsense and also very cheerful and friendly.

(I should also add that there were all Spanish speakers, mostly Mexican by their accents. It makes me proud of New Yorkers that the stereotype of Mexicans has gone from "lazy" to "whom to call when you want to get the job done" since I got here...)

Spend a little extra on good movers, and you can recoup later by totally cheaping out on your funeral - which might be significantly later because of the lack of stress.
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When my mother, brothers, and I left my abusive father in the middle of the night, everything I brought went into a trash bag. For months, in shelters and on family and friend's couches, I toted my trash bag around. Eventually, I got a dishwasher box to put my clothes in instead, and I cried I was so happy.

I'm crying again now, this is so beautiful.
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This is such a needed service, and it's awesome that they're volunteering their time to help these families. I hope the positive publicity they get will encourage other moving services in different parts of the country to follow their lead.

Thanks for posting this, Melismata!
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I read about this the other day and I was struck by the distinction between what you might think of when you think of Meatheads and abuse and this. The typical stereotype would probably put these men in the category of likely abusers far more than in the category of guys who can be called on to quietly and sensitively pull your possessions out of an abusive home. They're doing more than just helping specific women here. By taking on this role, they normalize a different image of how men behave.

That other thing that strikes me as that it makes sense to have someone with some expertise do this -- it is a particular situation with particular requirements that are quite different from the usual 'well, we can give you a three hour window on when we'll show up' moving experience. Theoretically, there's a market for this specialty service, but of course the people who need it are hardly in the position to pay for it. It's pretty impressive that it has developed anyway.
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