Dog with shark? I don't care.
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The BVG, the Berlin Transport Company (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe), would like you to know what behaviors they do and do not care about on public transportation.

Lyrics, with English translation and a rating on whether or not the BVG really does care. Via Slate Browbeat.
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That is a lovely celebration of human diversity.

No, really.

It is.

Not what I expected.

But it was cool.
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Yeah, but that thing he was doing with his eye? I care about unnecessary squinchiness.
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Yes, there should be a penalty for unnecessary squinchiness.
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You can grate cheese while riding a horse on the Berlin subway. Sweet!
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I'm surprised about the cutting an onion thing. Chemical warfare combined with an unsheathed blade? Of course, this may just the fact that I have a really bad reaction to onions.
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I really wish they would kick those mariachi bands off the train. Well, specifically, a band of three or four guys who exclusively sing "When The Saints Go Marching In" really poorly, accompanied by a blaring portable speaker, while asking for money, around 10 AM on the S-Bahn going east from Hauptbahnhof. Every. Single. Day.
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On BART, we get three and four man squads riding back and forth between downtown SF and Oakland doing two minute long covers of the intro and chorus of Help!

I'll take the mariachi band.
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We don't have in-train musicians on the DC Metro, but I did spend several months arriving at a bus stop where every morning a guy with a trumpet seemed to be in a competition with himself and the universe to see how slowly Amazing Grace could be played and still be recognizable as music. Music didn't always win.
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Apparently they do care if you try dressing up as a ticket machine to disguise your fare evading ways on the bus, so they do have standards.
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There's a fair amount of lost-in-translation here, since it plays hard on Ausländerdeutsch - very timely, while Angela's arms are still open!


"Turns out it’s the latest move in an ongoing “Shitstorm” (the German press’s term, not mine) that began earlier this year when the BVG attempted to start a Twitter love-fest with the hashtag #weilwirdichlieben, or “because we love you.”

What do you love about the BVG? Tweeted someone in PR who is probably now arbeitslos, seemingly unaware of the notoriously grumpy city’s propensity toward barbed insults. What followed, then, was a torrent of complaints, about everything from getting thrown off the bus because the bus’s electronic ticket reader broke, to the lack of wheelchair access at some stations (valid issues, by the way; what’s wrong with you, BVG?). It seemed the Berlin ridership didn’t care—but rather than give up, the BVG decided to harness both Akboga’s ridiculous earworm and the double meaning of egal. Thus, a PSA about diversity and inclusion on the subway."

Even better!
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Interestingly, "I don't care" is also the motto of public transit in San Francisco. Of course, we take it more seriously here by extending the set of things not cared about to maintenance, leaving the terminal on time, turning around before reaching the end of the route, or drivers stopping mid-route to buy snacks from local businesses.
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pretty sure it’s legal, if not inadvisable, to have a bodysuit made out of the “festive” U-Bahn upholstery

There are (somewhat poor taste) websites featuring the “festive” upholstery, with a few of the urban camouflage variety. The summary on CityLab has a few good pictures of people in clothing that matches the moquette.
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this killed me
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Someone brought a pony on the metro here some years ago (Article in Danish, with illustration) Nothing happened.

It's a sweet video, but the squinchiness??? Seriously, is there an explanation for that? It scars my experience
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You used to be able to take a special weekend tour on the BVG where you got to visit the Ops center, drive a double-decker bus and drive a U-Bahn (subway) train. It was loads of fun. I did it in 1978. A+++ would do again. Especially the U-Bahn. That thing flat got-up-and-went.
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It's a sweet video, but the squinchiness???

I'd say the squinchiness is a double affectation mixing a give-two-fucks-sneer with a feign-the-rudeboy-scrunch, as a foreigner playing an OG might don. Seems pretty much part of Kazim's general persona, just doubled up here, for extra "egal" effect.

(Also: "squinchiness" - that's not even a word. Except, erm, now that it is.)
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(it's been around since the 19th century!)
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