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To avoid spoilers by quoting JHarris from here, "Retro Sabotage is a collection of recreations of classic video games. Or is it?" And they have just released their first content in almost six years to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Space Harrier: To War. Oh, and here's JHarris's hint about Retro Sabotage in general: "If a button needs to be pressed, it's the space bar unless it's explained otherwise."

Other 'sabotages' have been made by Pippin Barr: PONGS, BREAKSOUT and, in a different vein to the other two, Art Game.
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To War is my favorite kind of click game.
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I could have sworn I saw these in college, but 2008 is a wee bit late for that. Still, "What Next?" in particular resonates at the same frequency as Albino Blacksheep and Newgrounds and all the other weird videos I spent college looking at instead of studying.

(Also Strindberg and Helium, which by the way preschoolers apparently love universally.)
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STRIIIINDBEEEEERG sorry about that but you understand I had to
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Don't forget Weebl & Bob, if you're going to be talking about surreal Flash animations of the mid-2000s.
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what film is that shot from in To War? It looks amazing, and kind of like Tarkovsky. I haven't seen all of his films, so maybe it IS tarkovsky?
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The film is the terrifying 1985 Idi i Smotri from Elem Klimov - credits are available at the end, hovering the question mark.

For film-based sabotages, I recommend Twenty Lines, which gives meaning to Tetris - though the first stage is a bit tedious - and Solvalu vs Fischinger, a shoot'em up where bullets and enemies are born from a 1930 experimental film.

Favourite, though, is Autopsy of a Battlefield, where the scrolling/reel tells the narrative.
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Compromise is actually a really good game.
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